2015 Annual Report

Principal & School Council President’s Annual Report 2015


  1.  INTRODUCTION:  DIANE BASSETT, Principal                _____________________


It is with great pleasure that, together with our School Council President, Wendy Vistarini, I present the Hume Valley School, Principal and School Council President’s Report for 2015.


Over the past twelve months Hume Valley School has continued to present a strong profile and niche educational opportunities as a large, dynamic Special School for students with mild intellectual impairments and complex needs. Across our two campuses, the Koroit Avenue campus for Years P-10 students, and the VCAL, Tanderrum Way campus for Years 11-12, we have continued to provide individual educational programs for over 260 students aged from 6 to 18 years of age. These educational programs focus on a structured curriculum across thirteen years of schooling that includes a strong emphasis on community engagement.


As we look back on the past year, we would like to thank and congratulate our exceptionally dedicated team of over seventy teachers and support staff (some part-time), on the outstanding the way that they have nurtured, challenged, respected and encouraged our students on their learning journey. The many instances of our staff going “above and beyond’ in the service of the students and the school is both commendable and outstanding.


We also warmly acknowledge the positive input of the families and the wider community for their partnership in sharing our aspiration that each student achieves their potential of being the best they can be.


In reading this report, we hope that you will gain further understanding of the work of our school as we highlight some of our achievements for 2015 in the context of a progressive and productive learning community.



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