Our Digital Learning Space (DLS) caters for the Middle and Secondary Sub-School students. Using innovative technologies, the program brings engagement and enrichment to the students learning.

Programs run for enrichment include:

  • eLeader group
  • Mookii Club
  • Cyber-awareness and Safety
  • On-line production of digital portfolios
  • Cyber safe eLearning Portal

eLeaders throughout 2013 have helped trouble-shoot issues on computers and assisted other students with work. They made Q Tube, our controlled Internet broadcasting of events and activities across the school.

Our eLeaders for this year were:

Maddy, Baz, Ibi, Stefan, Adam E, Crystalee, Yousuf, Tash, Shane

Mookii Grand Prix Awards

Each year, Hume Valley School competes in the cross-school digital challenge – The Mookii Grand Prix (run by eduPLEX). Students and teachers form teams of 4 and complete specific digital challenges. The winners of this competition receive the Mookii shield to display for the year, as well as other prizes. This year we have two teams who have stayed in the competition to the last challenge.

Congratulations to:

The Sacred Legends:

Stefan, Ibi, Adam, Baz and Amy (teacher)

Galactic Giants:

Louise, Laura, Blaine, and Andrew