Junior Sub-School

This year is another year of new and exciting experiences in the Junior Sub-School Classrooms and beyond. Our classroom teachers and their Education Support Colleagues work as a dedicated and organised team to provide high quality educational activities and a safe, nurturing environment for learning.

Oral Language, Literacy and Numeracy continue to be the priority learning areas for students but we have also offered other valuable learning activities throughout the year. These programs include: Our Healthy Eating, Social Skills Development, AFL Footy Clinics, Calisthenics, Swimming, Recreation, Perceptual Motor, as well as the regular fortnightly excursion program.

The Education Support Staff who work within the Junior Sub School play a very important role in assisting teachers in the delivery of educational programs and management of students throughout the day and their work is highly valued.

It is wonderful to watch our young students learning and maturing. We have received many positive comments from parents about the pleasing progress of their children and the noticeable improvements they have made.

In 2015 and 2016, students have continued to achieve great success in Traffic Safety Education. Watch the videos below to see some of our students riding a two wheel bike independently for the first time. Well done