Middle Sub-School

It has been another exciting and busy year for everyone involved with the Middles Sub-School.

Although the Literacy and Numeracy programs continue to be important aspects of the Middles program, a number of additional learning experiences are also available. Several students participate in the weekly Cheerleading program at Tullamarine and perform at the Cheerleading Tournament at the Melbourne Swimming and Aquatic Centre. Some students also choose to take part, with other special schools, in the Special Olympics sessions and tournaments run by Special Olympics Victoria. Swimming sessions are available throughout Terms 1 to 3, while concerts, excursions and camps are part of the Middles program and a wide range of weekly specialist programs.

The use of technology for supporting learning has continued in the Middles with the continued availability of netbooks and the introduction of iPads and laptops for student use.

It is a year of new experiences and learning opportunities for all. The great work that they have done so far will give them a very valuable start to their next stage of learning.