Policies and School Documents

Hume Valley School is compliant with VRQA as a registered training authority which requires numerous policies which are reviewed regularly.  The school is happy to provide copies of any policies to parents/families/carers should you request them.

We have endeavoured to provide a good overview of a significant number of polices and documents that we believe are most relevant to the school community here on the website. If there is a policy you think should be available and you can not locate it please contact the school office.

Management Policies

⇓   Attendance Policy

⇓   Administration of Medication Policy – Koroit Campus 

⇓   Administration of Medication Policy – Narrun Campus

⇓  Administration of Medication Policy – Tanderrum Campus 

  Cash Handling Policy

⇓   CCTV Policy Template

⇓   Child Safety Policy. 

⇓   Child Safe Code of Conduct 

⇓   Child Safety Responding and Reporting Obligations Policy 

⇓   Communication with School Staff

⇓   Complaints Policy – Policy

⇓   Digital Technology Policy

⇓   Dogs at School

⇓   Duty of Care – Policy

⇓   Eftpos Procedures and Practices

⇓   Electronic Funds Management Policy

⇓   Enrolment Policy

⇓   Facebook Policy

⇓   Gifts Benefits and Hospitality Policy

⇓   Good leadership Governance in a Child Safe School

⇓   Internet Banking Policy

⇓   Mobile Phone Policy

⇓   Part-time Work Policy

⇓   Photographing Consent Notice

⇓   Photographing, Filming and Recording Students Policy

⇓   Prevention of Workplace Bullying

⇓   Procedures to Maintain Registers

⇓   Purchasing Card Policy

⇓   Receipting Policy

⇓   Refund Policy

⇓   Respect for Staff Policy

⇓   Safe Use of Technology E smart and Internet Policy

⇓   Staff Leave Policy

⇓   SunSmart Policy Policy

⇓   Visitors to School Policy – Avenel Street Campus

⇓   Visitors to School Policy-Koroit Ave Campus

⇓   Visitors to School Policy – Tanderrum Way Campus

⇓   Volunteers Policy-Koroit Ave Campus

⇓   Volunteers Policy – Tanderrum Way Campus

⇓   Working with Children Check Register Procedures – Avenel Street Campus

⇓  Working with Children Check Register Procedures – Tanderrum Way

⇓  Working with Children Check Register Procedures-Koroit Ave Campus

⇓   Yard Duty and Supervision Policy – Avenel Street Campus

⇓   Yard Duty and Supervision Policy-Koroit Ave Campus