Primary Sub-School

The Primary Sub-School has had an extremely eventful year full of challenges, new experiences and new learning. Despite the fact that classroom teachers, education support staff and students have had several changes to classroom spaces during the year, daily routines and program delivery has remained at its regular high standard.


The Primary Sub-School students have learned from quality programs in the priority areas of Literacy, Numeracy and Healthy Living. We also offer a range of other interesting programs in addition to the core subjects. These include: Daily Fitness, Healthy Eating, Cheerleading, Swimming, Weekly Special Olympics, Helping Hoops and the Homework Club as well as our regular Excursions. The Primary classrooms have received more iPads this year, which have been integrated into both Numeracy and Literacy sessions. Other new work with computer technology includes programs such “Reading Eggs” and “Sunshine Online”.

Students are now producing their own work in Microsoft word documents, including the creating of class books related to the Healthy Eating and Social Skills programs. It has been a productive year in the Primaries with students showing pleasing development, improved skills and understandings in many areas. We are all looking forward to 2014 when we can continue the learning journey in our new buildings.