Food Technology

Students participate in weekly Homecrafts sessions.

The Homecrafts program focuses on developing the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions about healthy eating, lifestyle practices and nutrition. Teaching the principles of healthy living and correct nutrition are an integral part of the Homecrafts program.

The hands on practical approach, develops cooking and independent living skills. The weekly program caters for all students’ abilities and individual needs.

In Homecrafts, students are involved in identifying and preparing a range of different types of foods that are eaten at school. Students use a variety of electrical equipment, kitchen utensils and implements to spread, cut, measure, weigh, grate, pour and stir. Students are encouraged to try a variety of food from different cultures to expand their knowledge and taste experiences.

Students practise and learn food handling, hygiene and safety rules. They also assist in a clean-up routine. Students follow a set routine as independently as possible.