Middle Sub-School

Years 6 - 7

The middles sub-school consists of year 6 and 7 students assisted by our dedicated Education Support staff. Quality programs and engaging learning experiences are delivered throughout the year, with progression in literacy and numeracy remaining our priority.

Science experiments remain a firm favourite each year, along with getting into our garden and finding out how to be more sustainable. Through a variety of history topics students look back through time. Geography lessons allow students to discover what’s in their local area as well as landmarks throughout Australia and the world.

Our students are offered a number of additional learning experiences, including weekly Special Olympics sessions, swimming, excursions, a Blackwood camp, access to a number of community connections programs and whole school activities such as Fun Run, Athletics Carnival, Footy Day and Jump Rope for Heart. Students also have the opportunity to participate in weekly specialist classes, such as performing arts, visual arts, media and design, physical education and homecrafts.

The use of technology for supporting learning has continued in the middles sub school with each class having access to laptops and iPads within the class. Large interactive TVs are also utilised for teaching lessons and whole group activities.

During recess and lunch students have the opportunity to take part in the structured sports program facilitated by the teachers. Students choose to participate in a range of team and individual sports including soccer, basketball and obstacle courses.  Along with building a life-long love of sport, students work on their social skills of how to play fair and be a good teammate.

Our positive points program encourages students to make positive choices in all facets of their schooling. Students are given points for things like being a good friend, making safe choices, completing work to the best of their ability.