School Council

I am very pleased to be able to provide this report on behalf of School Council. Being part of school council is a very rewarding experience where parents and carers are able to take an active role in the running of our school.

We, as a group, have had a very exciting 2013 overseeing the progress of the reconstruction of our school building and reviewing and endorsing a wide range of activities during the year. We were able to endorse the purchase of many new and exciting technologies be it new computers/iPads, new teaching resources, new school equipment or approving the various school camps. It has been great hearing how our students have enjoyed participating in the many school camps and school activities within the wider community.

We have overseen the redevelopment of our school, which has had a bit of a setback during the year. However, the progress so far gives a great taste of what the completed school will look like. We’re sure that the inconvenience that everyone has had to experience will be well worth the wait, once the school reconstruction is finished.

School Council would like to thank our amazing Principal Diane Bassett and the Teaching Staff, Support and Office Staff. You have all done an amazing job of ensuring our students are nurtured and guided to complete another successful year. We would also like to acknowledge the outstanding contribution of our wonderful volunteers. In particular, Barry Young who maintains the bicycles used in our Traffic Education Program, and also Marnie Wright who helps keep our library resources in sound condition.

What we all want for our children is to successfully complete their years at school and move on to their next stage of life. There are now more opportunities for our young adults and, with the great assistance of the teachers and school community, our children can look forward to an exciting move into adulthood. Good luck to all of our students who are now taking that next step in their lives. School Council wishes you well and we are sure you will have a bright future ahead of you!