Traffic Safety

The Hume Valley Traffic Safety Education (TSE) program extends across all Sub-School levels for students at the Koroit Avenue campus. Each class is allocated 45-60 minutes of TSE each week. It involves physical fitness with an emphasis on observing road rules and safe riding practices as well as the development of cycling skills, both on-road and off-road.

Our Traffic Safety Facility is designed to replicate a range of streetscapes, where students are required to demonstrate safe riding-in-traffic skills, within the school grounds.

As students become more experienced riders, small groups participate in an On-Road Cycling program, in preparation for our inter-school Bike Camps at Blackwood in November and the Alpine Camp in March each year.

Traffic Safety Education is a component of the national Health and Physical Education area of the curriculum. Traffic Safety themes are integrated into other Key Learning Areas such as Science, Mathematics, Studies of Society and the Environment, The Arts and Technology.

Riding a bike offers many health benefits, including:

  • Increased cardiovascular fitness
  • Increased strength
  • Increased balance and flexibility
  • Increased endurance and stamina
  • Increased calories burned.

Our fleet of bikes meet a range of student ages and abilities. The bikes have been designed to enable students to become independent riders and gain first-hand experience riding a wide variety of bikes, including mountain bikes, BMX bikes, hybrids and racers.


Contained below is an awarding-winning video entry about TSE at Hume Valley School. Thanks to the Walk to School initiative by VicHealth and supported by Hume City Council, Hume Valley School was recently successful in receiving $1000 in funding to purchase new equipment to be able to support ongoing active travel.