VCAL (Year 11 & 12)

Hume Valley School – Tanderrum Way Campus is located on the Hume Central Secondary College Town Park campus.

The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) is a recognised senior secondary qualification focused on practical work-related experience, as well as literacy and numeracy skills and the opportunity to build personal skills that are important for life and work.

The purpose of the VCAL Literacy and Numeracy Skills Units is to develop skills and knowledge that allows effective participation in everyday, real-life situations.

The Work Related Skills Strand is designed for students to develop employability skills, knowledge and attitudes valued within the community and work environments as a preparation for employment.

Structured Workplace Learning involves VCAL students in short-term industry placements, which broadens their experience and understanding of the world of work and career opportunities.

The purpose of the Personal Development Skills strand is to develop knowledge, skills and attributes that lead towards:

  • the development of self
  • social responsibility
  • building community
  • civic and civil responsibility
  • improved self-confidence and self-esteem
  • valuing civic participation in a democratic society

Hume Valley School has links with a number of training organisations and provides a variety of options for students to gain to vocational experience required for the Industry Specific Skills strand. Opportunities include:

  • Certificate II in Printing and Graphic Arts
  • Certificate II in Horticulture
  • Certificate II and III in Warehousing Operations
  • TAFE Taster units at Kangan Institute.

VCAL Transitions

VCAL has a Career and Transitions Officer who supports students, families and carers to explore and refer onto post school options.

There is a transition timeline that is provided and worked within to ensure a smooth transition process for all students leaving VCAL into post school options.

The Career and Transitions Officer at Hume Valley School provides all students, families and carers information regarding post school options in both formal and informal mediums.

Transition meetings are available for all students each term to discuss the post school options.  These meetings are held with key people in the students’ life to ensure that all options are properly explored and suitable to the students’ goals and support needs.

Students, families and carers are encouraged to attend the Post School Options Expo held in March.  At this expo, there are a range of services available to speak to regarding post school options.  Services who attend range from; TAFE, Disability Employment Services, local council services, Disability Employment Services, Transition to Employment Services and disability specific skill development services.  This expo is a great opportunity for students and families to network and make further appointments with services they may be interested in post school.

If students want to access a funded service you can make this application with the assistance of the Career and Transition Officer at School.  This application can also be submitted by a Case Manager or ISP facilitator if the student is currently accessing this service.  Applications to TAFE are made as required.


Focus on Ability Film Update

Focus on Ability Film Update

Just giving you another quick update on our Focus On Ability film.

Today one of our Year 12 Students Ethan H and I went on Ticker Bytes which is a live internet news broadcast to talk about our film!

You can find our interview via the link below (It starts at about the 20 minute mark).

Please congratulate Ethan when you see him, this was no small feat for him! We plan to continue to promote the film as much as possible over the next few days.

LINK: https://tickertv.com.au/programs/collection-l-y0vtlxoau?categoryId=26094&fbclid=IwAR1KwG1LAUAR5FOZLHHVDiCWtqZNaszE8QFbMxMo-suL3fBcSgf_aYjKMnA%202%20Attachments

Thanks, and remember to watch, comment and vote!


Click here to go directly to our film!

Focus on Ability Film Updates

Focus on Ability Film Updates

The Focus on Ability Short Film Festival

Last year our VCAL cohort created an entry for the Focus on Ability film festival. The Focus on Ability Short Film Festival is aimed at raising awareness of the abilities of people with a disability. Each year the festival has hundreds of entries across it’s categories and offers a range of prizes from school equipment to trips to Hollywood, Los Angeles. Hume Valley school created a film called ‘Captain Wah Wah’, which was a short biopic about a mild mannered superhero struggling with the fact he can only save babies. Out of the 244 school films that were submitted in 2019 our film came forth in the Judges Choice category. This was a fantastic testament to the hard work that our students did last year, that culminated in the  creators going to a film release of the best films in Victoria at the Arts Centre last year. 

This year we produced a new film called ‘Stick Together’ that aims to celebrate the inventive ways we are trying to communicate with our friends during the COVID-19 lockdown. We are very proud of this film and will provide more information about it when it is released on September 1st. 

In the lead up to the 2020 school film release on September 1st, the Focus on Ability film festival organisers are running a TV show on Foxtel Aurora, on Channel 173 this Sunday the 23rd at 7PM. This show will show some of the best films from last year including Captain Wah Wah! We hope you can tune in.